Navigating Time: Effective Tips for Accountants

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Are you working in the accounting and finance industry? Being a part of the thriving accounting services in the Philippines means you are working in a fast-paced environment. Work can get very hectic and sometimes delivering good and quality work can be compromised. Apart from the busy work, some distractions can also sidetrack you. Effective time management is something that can help you. Of course, it is easier said than done so here are some tips that can help you.

1. Prioritize Your Tasks

Organize your tasks into a four-folder system:

  1. Urgent – Should be done immediately
  2. Semi-Urgent – Should be done within the week
  3. Non-Urgent  – Should be done within the month or quarter
  4. Non-Action Items – Items to Keep for Reference

You need to break down your large tasks into smaller and actionable tasks. Work through the urgent folder until you have cleared out all the tasks then move on to the next folder.

2. Delegate Your Tasks

You should not be the only one who knows how to perform a certain task. Working for a busy firm like tax services in Manila entails assistance. It’s important to cross-train the people around you to learn how to do some aspects of your job as well as learn from others.

Do not be constantly overstretched, you must learn to trust your team to handle some tasks of the project. You have to learn how to delegate tasks effectively. Learn about the strengths of your team members and assign tasks that they’re confident in accomplishing. Give them proper feedback and be available to answer their questions and concerns.

3. Be Fully Staffed

Hiring new staff during a busy season is a bad idea, especially at a time when your hands are already full. How will you have time to conduct interviews and training? Instead, you should hire a staffing agency in advance so you can bring in competent temporary professionals when you need them.

4. Track your Time

Tracking your time can help you know what your weak areas are. Once you find them, you should get rid of or reduce your inefficiencies. 

Using a time management tool such as Google Calendar or Outlook can help with basic tasks. However, if you have to handle a large number of clients and projects, you will have to consider a more in-depth tool.

Moreover, it is important to know your natural rhythms. What times of the day do you get most of your work done? Find out when you are most productive. Is your peak time in the morning or afternoon? Once you identify your natural rhythms, make your schedule work around it.

5. Do Calendar Blocking

It can help you track what tasks you are done with and what tasks you have to get done. If you do calendar blocking and make it available to your team, you will know when and when not to schedule important meetings. It will also help remind your team of all the tasks that need to be done.

6. Conduct Effective Meetings

When you conduct meetings, be straight to the point and make it brief. Do not cover too much in a single meeting. Make sure the participants of the meeting are the ones that need to be present. Send your team a memo or attendee materials in advance so they know what will be covered. At the end of your meetings, spend some time asking for new ideas and brainstorming. Remember, only run meetings if necessary.

7. Utilize Technology Hacks

Minimize keystrokes by learning a few shortcuts from your operating system. You can save some time from oft-repeated tasks. For example, you can simply type  [Ctrl] + [f] and it will quickly find the specific text you are looking for in the document or the webpage.

Try finding a tracker to run in your computer or phone background that records your screen time on particular applications and websites. That way, you are aware of the apps or websites you’ve been spending too much time on and learn to reduce it.

Your team should move to a cloud and automate your processes. The cloud will automatically update and allow you to collaborate in real time which means you do not need to keep emailing documents to each other back and forth. Automating your processes can make things easier and helps save time rather than manually closing the books.


In the world of numbers, time is a crucial ally. Embrace these practical strategies to become the master of your financial routine. Your business is prepared for success when you know how to get things done properly. If accounting challenges are causing waves, connect with our accounting services in Pasig. Let us navigate the complexities for you. Contact us today for a smoother financial journey.