UNA Internship program

At UNA, we believe in investing in the future by providing valuable internship opportunities to aspiring professionals. Our internship program offers hands-on experience, mentorship, and chance to work on real projects alongside our talented team.

Goals And Objectives

Program Structure

Orientation and On Boarding

Interns will attend an orientation session to learn about the company’s culture, values, and policies. They will also be onboarded onto the company system and introduced to their team.

Project Assignment

Interns will have the opportunity to work on projects and tasks which will allow them to gain exposure and discover their interests and skills. Each intern will be assigned a mentor to provide guidance, support, and regular feedback. In accordance with the agreement between UNA and schools.

Networking and Relationship Building

Interns will have the opportunity to network with employees and other interns through formal and informal events, such as team meetings, social gatherings, and mentorship sessions.

Learning and Development

Interns will be able to join training, workshops and seminars that will equip and enhance their knowledge and skills.

Performance Evaluation

Regular assessment of interns’ progress and provide constructive feedback to help them improve. They will also receive a formal performance evaluation upon completion of the program.

Transition to Employment

Outstanding interns will be offered possible employment opportunities within the organization.

Application Process

Submit application form

Initial screening

Interview & Assessments


Performance Evaluation

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Minimum requirements

Internship Experience

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