Feeling Defeated: Here’s How to Survive the Busy Season

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Your company will always have that busy season. It could either be tax or audit season but it could also just be a big project that has kept your company very busy. In every busy season that you encounter, these are some things you need to keep in mind to help you survive without crumbling. Here are some helpful tips from  expert  accounting services in the Philippines to help you through the grind: 

1. Work on Your Calendar and Plan Ahead

Planning is what you and your employees can do to prepare for the busy season. It would be best for you and your employees to work on your calendar and plan all of your routines and tasks. To prepare for the busy season, you can plan activities like doing laundry, buying groceries, and house cleaning earlier than your usual schedule. When you do these tasks early, you can give yourself more time to rest during the busiest time of your work.

2. Take Good Care of Your Health

You will have to expect extended hours of work during the busy season. You will have less time for sleep, healthy meals, or even exercise. There are habits that you can start practicing such as getting a good amount of hours of sleep every day, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, and moving your body for at least 30 minutes every day to improve your focus, give you energy, and enhance your productivity.

3. Improve Your Soft Skills

Improving your hard skills is as important as improving your soft skills. Having excellent soft skills will help you survive the busy season. Professional bookkeeping services in the Philippines attest that this will help you work well with your team and have good professional relationships. It will also improve your interviewing and data-gathering skills effectively and efficiently.

4. Keep your Working Environment Healthy and Non-Toxic 

When it’s the busy season, aim for your environment to be stress-free. Your work is already stressful so a stressful environment would not be a good balance. Expert tax and audit services in the Philippines always experience busy seasons. Their experts suggest keeping your working atmosphere comfortable so your employees will not dread going to work. Depending on the work, you could allow some of your employees to work remotely as long as they can finish their tasks on time. Maybe they would prefer working at a coffee shop or working at the comfort of their own home. You can allow them to do that so they can get some fresh air and relieve stress.

5. Avoid Distractions and Maintain Focus

You must avoid and reduce your distractions, especially during the busy season. Time management is critical during this kind of season. Ensure that you remove all micro-tasks such as checking your emails or messages every 10 minutes or so. You must also ensure that your phone is out of your sight so you can focus on your work.

6. Give Out Rewards

You might want to consider giving your employees rewards or perks to help them focus more on their tasks. It could be a reward that will reasonably make their lives bearable during the busy season. You can have food delivered for your team and to make it extra, you should go for a healthy option so that your employees have some nutrients that will help them feel nourished.

7. Keep Your Working Environment Fun

During the busy season, it’s important to set aside time for your employees to relax and enjoy. You can try organizing activities like trivia games or charades or even have chess or ping-pong tournaments. You can then give the winners prizes like gift certificates. 

8. Celebrate Your Success

After accomplishing all of your tasks and surviving the busy season, do not forget to recognize and appreciate the work and effort of your employees. Take the time to celebrate and reward your team for their hard work.

Those mentioned are only some of the things that can help you get started and survive the busy season. If you are preparing for the tax or audit season, it is important to prepare ahead. You should not worry or stress much about it if your team has adequately prepared for it. Working on your habits and improving them as early as now will transform your perception of the busy season. It will turn from something you feared to something you look forward to for an awesome learning experience. 

If you are caught in the chaos of a busy audit, accounting, or tax seasons, ease the burden and reach out to professionals. Don’t hesitate to call our accounting services in Pasig for expert assistance and ensure your taxes are a breeze!