How to Land a Job in this Field (tips to get your dream accountancy job) 

When you get your diploma, you have certainly reached a major milestone. Without an iota of doubt, you are ready to get out there, conquer the world, and make a name for yourself. But, at the same time, you may also feel a bit anxious about whether you will find your dream job. Do you have what it takes to get into the position you want? 

Well, there’s great news for you. Though experiencing post-graduation anxiety is totally normal, you can curb this feeling because you will find many excellent opportunities in the fields of accounting and finance. Best of all, unemployment rates in this niche have always remained quite low. In fact, many employers are eager to find the right talent for their vacant positions.  

Since the odds are in your favor, the only thing you must do is prep for the job applications and interviews. Then, when the opportunity presents itself, be prepared to seize it. Here are some tips to help you find your dream job.  

1. Read the Job Descriptions Thoroughly 

As you search for a job, read the descriptions thoroughly. Most of all, you must be honest with yourself and make sure you meet all the criteria. In case you don’t, you now know what areas you need to improve.  

2. Highlight Your Best Assets 

Prepare a killer resume that highlights your best assets. Make sure your resume reflects your personality. On top of that, you must find a way to make it stand out against the rest. Chances are, the ones reviewing your resume will also be holding other resume files. Though you can exercise a bit of creativity in terms of the layout, don’t go overboard. Take note of the following: 

  • Use paper with good quality 
  • Make sure the ink is dark 
  • Choose a font that’s very easy to read 
  • Work with a good layout  
  • Edit your work to make sure it’s free from spelling errors 
  • Send it out with a killer cover letter 
  • Complete your contact information 
  • Highlight your academic achievements, skills, and other activities 

3. Do Your Homework 

Research, the company you are applying to so you can show them your best assets. This way, you can prep your resume and cover letter to address the needs of the company. Your efforts will show that you have initiative and you go the extra mile. On top of that, you can feel confident about acing written exams or interviews.  

4. Hone Soft Skills 

Though you are a degree holder who’s updated on the latest accounting principles, you must also work on your soft skills to get that second interview. Here are some soft skills that you should strengthen to make yourself more marketable: 

  • Communication: Though you may be well-versed in chatting and conference calls, you must also be confident with face-to-face meetings. As an accounting professional, you will meet a lot of clients and industry partners. To help you out, join local organizations to hone your communication skills. You need to feel at ease when you talk to people. Find a way to network with others so will feel at ease for your interview.  
  • Critical Thinking: In this job, you must exemplify that you hold amazing critical thinking skills. This means you can solve problems and come up with solutions. This quality helps you understand yourself and others better. When you can analyze and deduce information and then apply the most important parts, you can change any situation. As a result, you promote growth and find success more easily.  
  • Adaptability: Employers love people who can adapt to any environment. Prove to them that you are highly adaptable. After all, you will be dealing with various cleans and facing constant changes in government regulations, taxation laws, auditing, and accounting practices. This field is highly dynamic, so you must evolve with the changes without falling apart.  
  • Organization: You must find a way to showcase your organizational skills. Your workplace must be neat and orderly, but most of all, you must know how to prioritize your tasks. As a professional, you will be dealing with multiple clients and deadlines so staying calm amidst pressure is a priority. Highlight that you know how to set your priorities and schedule tasks because you value meeting deadlines and strive hard for less revision work.  
  • Team Player: Showing that you can work with others well makes a world of difference. Companies value team players who know how to collaborate with other people. Knowing how to cooperate with others proves that you can thrive in any setting. Thus, in a way, you become instrumental in creating a stronger company culture.  

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