Usual Career Paths for Accountants/Bookkeepers

To fully grasp what kind of career paths you can pursue with an accounting degree, you must first know what duties are expected of an accountant. An accountant is a financial professional. If you engage in this profession, you will examine, analyze, and prepare financial records for organizations or individuals. In this job, you will be dealing with a lot of numbers to create statements and records. All of these combined will show the financial health of a business or individual. Common tasks expected of an accountant are the following:  

  • Collaborating with both internal and external auditors for thorough auditing work 
  • Prepping and reviewing income statements, payrolls, expenses, and budgets 
  • Create accurate profit and loss statements after careful assessment 
  • Conduct in-depth analysis of data such as expenses and revenue trends to make forecasts and recommendations 
  • Preparation of account entries in the ledgers 
  • Establish careful guidelines and implement them for proper accounting control 
  • Manage, maintain, and evaluate financial databases 
  • Give advice on computer software and filing systems 
  • Help with tax preparations 
  • Assist with business registration 

You will commonly find public accountants, management accountants, government-employed accountants, and internal auditors in the accounting sector. Though each of these positions has a specific job description, all of them include some general tasks. No matter what position you land in, you will have to audit accounting systems and procedures, prepare taxes, comply with laws, and assist in finding ways to minimize costs while boosting profits. Depending on the company, an accounting graduate can pursue these career paths: 

  • Accounting Managers 
  • Accounts Payable or Receivable Clerk 
  • Junior or Senior Accountant 
  • Accounting Supervisor 
  • Accounting Assistant 
  • Bookkeeper 
  • Office Manager 
  • CFO  
  • Payroll Clerk 
  • Payroll Manager 
  • Financial Analyst 
  • Credit and Collection Clerk 

Now is the perfect time to be working in the accounting and finance industry because they have a promising job outlook, even for novice professionals and those looking to shift their careers. However, if you are serious about shining in this profession, you must identify your goals, work on your abilities, and find ways to strengthen your skills.  

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