UNA’s 1st Sporstfest 2016

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“Promoting Unity and Teamwork through Sports”

Usually, every Friday, the UNA family goes to Double Play after office hours to just relax and unwind with some badminton. But one Friday, particularly on the 27th of May 2016, is a continuance of the 5th anniversary celebration.

Everyone was split up into two teams; Yellow and Green. After a steaming hot session of Zumba that was led by Mr. Enrich, the two teams went on with their respective cheers, thus indicating the Sportsfest had already commenced.

Both teams gave all their best in the Health Committee’s own rendition of timeless games like Patintero and Trip to Jerusalem.

In the end, Yellow team won as the overall champion. But it’s evident that everybody exerted their best efforts.

After the tiring day, the Sportsfest was concluded with a little dinner for everybody; which shows the sportsmanship of everyone that even if put against each other, the one thing that is sure after that day, is that everyone’s bond, camaraderie, and unity has grown stronger.