Ahead With UNA: 2022 Team Building!

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This year we pull out all stops to create one of the best opportunities of the year: UNA’s 2022 TEAM BUILDING EVENT!

An opportunity for our UNA team to achieve growth in their careers. Because in UNA, it is extremely important for us that we grow together, and that can only happen if we work as a team so that our skills and talents synergize to bring better results.

Thus, this leads us to UNA’s team building event held at Club Balai Isabel, Batangas with the theme, #AheadWithUNA proving how we can leave the comfort zone and enter the courage zone. Because as they say, the secret of getting ahead is getting started.

The event was led by our guest facilitator, Mr. Ding C. Manalang and his team who perfectly executed a successful event for UNA proving how we as an organization can accomplish our purpose and goals together with various types of activities to reinvent and make a better version of oneself and revisit UNA’s company goals, mission – vision statement and to always keep in mind UNA’s core values.

Thus, the group was divided into 4 teams. Team, Yellow, Team Red, Team Green, and Team Pink! Who started of the event with a powerful cheer from each team!

Followed by various activities used to enhance leadership, strategic planning, trust, and improve communication skills by making things simple and not too complicated thru the XY Game and Puzzle Step Relay. To create a sense of urgency and know the voice of your leader thru the Trust Walk, Hollow Block, and Ball Collecting Activities. To have proper coordination, work strategically, and build unity in diversity thru the Electric Wire, Moonwalk, and Water relay activity. To promote a well-balanced life and focus on goals thru the Ring that ball activity and Tap me Activity and lastly, to create a sense of ownership thru balloon bursting.

We would also like to give recognition to each team’s courageous leaders, who shared their insights on how they and their team handle each activity! These leaders are no other than, Mr. Russel Arcega of Yellow team, Ms. Danica Zabala of Red team, Ms. Leni Diaz of Pink team and Ms. Diane Aspuria of Green team!

And finally, to give recognition to the winner of this year’s team building event… we would like to proudly congratulate, TEAM YELLOW! Congratulations to all members of Team Yellow for an outstanding performance!

But of course, each and everyone surely did well with each activity. It’s truly uplifting to see everyone work together as a team and to see how everyone is truly comfortable with each other. They may be competitive, but they don’t forget how we are one at UNA.


As the event comes to an end, UNA’s Managing Partner, Ms. Hazel Nicolasora gave a short but sweet and encouraging message to all UNA employees on how grateful she is for all their hard work, dedication and for actively participating in this event to help improve our organization!

After the event, everyone got to freely enjoy the pool and spontaneous view at Club Balai. And of course, we wouldn’t forget another KTV night with lots of food, drinks, and never-ending singing, dancing, and chitchats exclusively for our UNA TEAM. 😉

It was such a memorable experience for each and every one. Because it was an opportunity to build bridges across departments, by working with harmony and rebuild social relations not just with their team but with the whole organization! #AheadWithUNA