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We still can’t believe that it has been a decade since we “gave birth” to our firm. Everything started with a humble dream, but now we are celebrating many years of successful results and dedicated service to our clients, associates, and industry partners. It has indeed been a wonderful journey of growth and development. 

Due to the COVID – 19 Pandemic, we weren’t able to be all together. Some were working in the office and some are in a WFH arrangement. But that didn’t stop us from celebrating our 10th anniversary, as we still made everything happen by having an extraordinary virtual party!

Thus, Uy, Nicolasora, and Associates Co. celebrated its 10th anniversary with a joyful virtual zoom celebration with the theme, #UNAngDekada Looking back but Moving Forward! Indeed, a celebration full of purpose!

To get a sneak peek, here’s a short video of what happened during UNA’s 10th anniversary:

The main purpose of this year’s theme is to take a look back at UNA’s journey throughout the years. Because sometimes looking back and taking a walk down memory lane is all it takes to appreciate where we are TODAY. We’ll never make it to our milestones if we can’t make it through our moments. And as we embark on the journey of UNA’s milestone, we prepare for the road ahead and keep moving forward.

For starters before the May 11, 2021 anniversary, we showcased a series of Trivia Countdowns of UNA’s most memorable moments. From where UNA started, to its first year, and now to its 10th. Who wouldn’t be so grateful, right? Also, it really made a big impact on some of our employees as well since each got to reminisce on these fun memories which we truly appreciate! If you’d like to check this out, you may visit UNA’s Facebook page or just type the hashtag #UNATrivia

As time goes by, it’s finally our 10th – year celebration. The pandemic didn’t stop us from having fun even though it was just a virtual celebration. Usually, we all just sit down and look at our screens, but accountants are all about the fun! It’s finally the time to party! Thus, our first virtual ice breaker is a game called ” Follow the leader Dance Craze ” wherein, whoever gets spotlighted would have to create any dance step and the whole team must follow his/her steps. Followed by the ” How well do you know UNA ? ” game wherein, we tested the team’s participation throughout the trivia countdown we showcased earlier. Fun twists right!

But of course, this event is a triumph that we cannot claim solely as ours. For starters, we believe that an organization is only as good as the people who work in it. And as a token of appreciation, this leads us to our awarding ceremony. This includes the ” years in service ” award, an award for those who stayed with UNA through the years!

Other than that, our awards also include the ” Best Anniversary Hashtag ” awarding wherein, whoever gives the best hashtag would be used for this years anniversary and for a chance to use it on social media to easily look into the memories of this 10th year anniversary program. With that, we congratulate Sir Art, Sir Paul and Sir Rey for coming up with the hashtag #UNAngDekada! and lastly, the ” Best Dressed ” award! Before the virtual party started, each team had their chance to be spotlighted and must introduce their selves and flaunt their outfits. Thus, we congratulate Ms. Diane Aspuria and Mr. Joedemar Cuello for their efforts and for winning this event!

Amidst the program, everyone got to look back at UNA’s journey throughout the years with a heartfelt video presentation which also includes all of the teams’ heartfelt messages on their journey working at UNA and how thankful they are for being with UNA on its milestone! And to our clients who took the time to send us heartwarming messages on how thankful they are for UNA’s efforts in helping their business.

Thus, we thank you once again to our employees for your years of service and for helping us grow. You are UNA’s best asset. and we would also like to express our deepest gratitude to all our clients. Thank you for trusting us with their bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and tax compliance needs so you can focus on growing your business and families. We treasure our relationship with each and every one of you. We commit to upholding our integrity in helping your companies. Our team will strive harder to continue providing exemplary services. Congratulations to all of us for these ten successful years!

As the program comes to an end, as always, the UNA team ends their night with a virtual toast by Sir Felix Nicolasora, UNA’s Human Resource and Admin Manager. And an inspiring, powerful, and loving message from UNA’s Managing Partner, Ms. Hazel Nicolasora on how thankful she is for 10 successful years!