UNA Christmas Party 2017

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It’s the perfect time of the year when we are all set to merrymaking! Wear that best dress and rock every party you attend…

It’s Christmas again and it’s surely the best time of the year where we can be anything we want to be. This year, the theme for UNA’s Christmas party was “Rock N’ Roll Party”, held at the Tivoli Gardens on Saturday 9th December, 2017 from 5pm onwards.

While the program hasn’t formally started yet, everyone took their time to have their best shot at the photo booth. The party began at exactly 6:30 pm with a simple prayer to remember why we celebrate and short opening remarks to thank everyone for making it. The main highlight of the event is the Rock N’ Roll battle of each group to showcase their creativity by their one of a kind presentation. Everyone was astounded as each one unleashed their hidden potentials. Would anyone know that these accountants not only got brains but talents as well? In the end, the Rock-ccountants bagged the first place, followed by Jingle Bell ROCK, BANDage and AccountaBAND.

All throughout the event, camera bulbs kept flashing away, to catch our happy faces and the spirit of camaraderie among our officemates. A number of employees danced to the beat of the nice music played by the guest band. It had a mix of fun, laughter, and memorable experience. The huge buffet full of foods and desserts was a treat, one would not want to miss, which was as good as having dinner and midnight snack.

Obviously, the party would not be concluded without exchanging gifts. Who would want to miss it anyway? After all, gifts are freely given and not owed, which came from our hearts. There were also showers of prizes given by the company, making sure that every employee receives something special.

It is definitely true that the real and deeper meaning of Christmas is found where there is sharing of hope, peace, joy and love to all.

So, this Christmas season, just be thankful for anything and everything.