Audit 2019: Endgame

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Whatever it takes.

It was April 16, 2019. Flashy lights and loud sounds spread throughout the little room of Rockstar KTV at BGC Taguig as the accountants of Uy, Nicolasora and Associates have a good time in their post-audit celebration. The joyous program of recognizing people on their exemplary works during the audit was given, and there were delicious meals and drinks, and a lot of chitchats that might not have happened two to three months ago.

Many have wondered, what have happened during the audit season?

Imagine Thanos has his gloves containing the time stone. And, then he snapped.

April 13, 2019. It’s 12am, and the end is coming. The BIR deadline for filing the 2018 ITR and AFS will be two days from now. The Junior Associates, as well as the seniors and managers, were still wide awake, finishing their audit works as it is needed for the upcoming filing date. From trial balances to its finished product – the Audited FS – the process was so tough that, really, may the strongest and the fittest, survive.

Imagine being stuck trying to figure out where can you find the missing item, or amount that is really needed. Or having to balance things on your worksheet. Or to calm yourself in this auditing frenzy.

Looking back, I wonder how other accountants have endured these things? And I wonder how we’re going to make it.

But then we’ve made it. All audit works have been signed and transmitted to clients, and almost all of our retainer clients were filed on time.

Much like when Thanos had wiped out half of the Earth, we might have missed a lot of things during the audit season: like the long, sound sleep, that sweet bonding moments with our family, friends, significant other, the appetite (or basically, the discipline for it), and the time to travel, except to travel from office to home, but everything was worth it.

The sacrifice was indeed great, but it is, for a greater purpose: to serve things greater than us, to find meaning behind every pain and sleepless nights; To serve our clients with a high-quality audit works, to provide for our family, and to reach for our dreams.

And next year when Thanos, or should I say Audit 2020 comes, we are much more ready to face him!