UNA Alive! Leadership Program! 

Date: August 18, 2022 

Here at UNA, the fun and learning never stop! Thus, we proudly present one of the fun-nest programs our team participated in, the UNA ALIVE! Leadership Program! A Coaching and Leadership Program hosted by our guest speaker, Coach J Yogawin!  

This virtual seminar helped each employee discover and develop their,  

  • Individual and team strengths 
  • Express and practice leadership and management principles 
  • Comprehend and demonstrate basic principles and skills of Coaching 
  • Develop better relationships and team cohesiveness thru engagement activities  
  • Avail opportunities to break limiting beliefs and habits through individual and group coaching!  

Remember, the satisfaction of each employee is what makes the organization stay alive, connected, and growing! and in UNA, we are always aiming for the growth and success of our employees. Which is why we are so proud of each employee’s development throughout 3 intensive programs!  

This training program surely helped each employee claim their inner leadership skills by focusing on their strengths and coping with one another by being more open. Despite the pandemic, it indeed helped our organization grow stronger.  

Congratulations once again to our growing UNA team for actively participating and completing all the intensives of the UNA ALIVE! Leadership Program!