RISING TO THE CHALLENGE: One Mission, One Vision, One Goal.

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A challenge is something that needs great mental or physical effort in order to be executed successfully and therefore tests a person’s ability. But what if the challenge was thrown out to a group of people rather than to a single person? One’s effort would never be enough, each individual needs to dig deeper and to figure out the right formula in order to rise together. Together – leaving no person behind, trusting each other to achieve the common goal, and completing the task as one in the most effective and efficient way. That’s the concept of teamwork, a very important thing to instill in every organization.

Last August 10-11, 2019, Uy, Nicolasora and Associates Co. held their 3rd company Team Building at Shercon Resort, Batangas. The purpose of the event was very clear and simple: for the employees to enjoy, to have fun, to know each individual better, and to recognize how strong they can be when they are together as a unit.

One mission. The group was divided into two groups; yellow and green. And what’s their mission? To win. To challenge each other to be the best. To be the better team, to be a better individual. The activities were already set, from each team’s battle cry, to the group solving an escape maze, to playing through some water activities, each team gave their best. They formulated the best strategies to go up against one another, to prove that through every challenge given, there is only one way to go, and that is to rise. They never let go on the grasp of their mission, they wanted to win.

One vision. In the game master’s perspective, he looks at it as an opportunity to challenge the participants and prove to him what they are really made of. Will they crumble in time of adversity? Or they’ll stick to each other whatever happen? As for the participants, they see this event as a stepping stone to create a stronger bond with each other. There might be two different point of view on this event, but it all boils down to one point, and that is to rise through the occasion. The game master needs to rise even though the participants outnumbered him and the group needs to rise despite all the challenges that’s trying to bring them down.

One goal. At the end of the day, the yellow team was declared as the winner. They rise against the challenges, proving that they were better this year. They accomplished the mission that they have set from the start, to win. But what was the real goal of this event?

The goal was to build this team, bringing together a group of talented, skillful but raw individual and turning them into a strong, unshakeable unit. In reality, there was never a yellow and green team, there were never winners and losers, there were no separations. That’s why the adjective was always “one.”

There was a specific activity that really tested the trust and support of each other- the Tower of Success. The challenge was easy for some individual, but some struggled in accomplishing it. The character of the team was truly tested, but nevertheless, nobody gave up, they lifted each other’s morale. They were there through the rise of the team, and they made sure that they will be there whenever someone falls. If someone is struggling, they will pull each other up. And that’s the true concept of team work.

Before the day ended, all the employees were able to understand the event’s real purpose – teamwork. They enjoyed and had fun, they knew themselves better, they knew that they can always be more. They have learned that no matter what happens, the strength of each individual is the bond of the team, and nothing can break that.

One mission, one vision, one goal. One unit, one team, one family.

Uy, Nicolasora and Associates is always ready to rise up to the challenge, and they have always done it together.