A Season of Tough Ones

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The year 2018 had just begun, and yet everyone is busy closing their clients’ transaction books, getting ready for another battle of tax season only accountants know. Being an accountant is a very prestige title, one would be honored and be privileged to have, so what else for those accountants who have the guts to stay and work in an accounting firm?

Tax season at Uy, Nicolasora and Associates started this year on the last week of January and ended on April 15, wherein every business is expected to have submitted all Income Tax Returns and Audited Financial Statements, if applicable, to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). During this peak season, there are many sacrifices to be made and there’s basically almost no work-life balance. This period requires strong perseverance and great ability to manage stress well in order to survive the daunting work hours, multiple deadlines, and sleepless nights. But if we have one thing to be thankful for, it’s the flexitime implemented during this period so as to give enough time for sleep.

The greatest struggles we, accountants, have fought during audit season is not of the delayed documents on the part of the clients nor the struggle in reviewing the financial statement, but it’s within our hearts, as we struggle with issues such as frustrations for not being able to solve and analyze the financial statement, stress and lack of patience for clients who are not submitting their documents on the agreed period, lack of self confidence and fear that we won’t be able to finish on time, inferiority for having thoughts that we are not that good enough and we feel like there are still tons to learn, and most of all, the inability to cope with circumstances that are not to our liking . But we are grateful for it because it serves as the catalyst to bring out the very best in us.

Of course, we won’t be able to make it through without the efforts of our HR and Admin Department who arranged surprises that motivates and renews us when we feel like our energy runs out. Food serves as our stress-reliever and companion during the times when no one seems to understand us. In the end, we were able to beat all deadlines and came out stronger than before, that overwhelming feeling no one could measure, is definitely priceless.

As part of the yearly tradition, a post-audit celebration has been scheduled to unwind and relax our stressed mind and body. It was a whole night celebration last April 20 at View Point in Antipolo City, wherein we rented the entire place from 7 pm to 7 am for our own use. The food, that serves as our companion during our lowest times, is also there to celebrate with us during our happiest moments. Who could resist that delectable boodle fight, made and prepared with love by our own hands? After that satisfying dinner we shared, we have a mini-program for the best in swimsuit attire for boys and girls, in which Michael, Jay Mark, Sir Art, Danica, Kristina, and April won the title. Moving forward, an awarding of certificate for that one-of-a-kind funny award based on what one has shown during the audit, made us all roar with laughter as we reminisce those epic-fail moments.

All throughout the night, we spent time bonding and chatting about our new experiences on this year’s audit season. We got to share our stressful yet funny moments. We played games, swam altogether, cracked jokes, and laughed like never before.

This another journey of audit season proves once again that tough times won’t last, but tough teams do.