Making a Graceful Exit and Switching to a Different CPA Firm

Many people worry about changing their professional service providers, like their CPAs. Even if they think that their CPAs are lacking in providing quality service, clients end up not doing anything about it. That’s understandable because change can be uncomfortable and that is a fact. It can make you feel anxious and make you doubt yourself.  

If you’re dissatisfied with your current CPA firm, tax services in Manila recommend making the big shift. Don’t settle if you’re unhappy because this will only pose problems in the long run. Making a graceful exit and switching to a different CPA firm can be done easily without burning bridges. Find out more below.

Why Do People Find It Difficult to Switch?  

Switching to a new accounting firm can be daunting, so you’re not alone. Can you recall when you had to decide and make a simple change? Have you ever tried upgrading your phone? That is a simple change you might have decided on at some point in your life. Maybe you decided to upgrade your phone or computer because its performance is becoming poor. It is slow-moving, and the battery gets easily drained. 

You cherish it because you already know how it works and are very familiar with it. You worry about learning the new features and potentially losing your phone’s contact information, photos, videos, and apps. However, making an upgrade is something you should not worry about because there is a way to transfer those documents and files flawlessly you treasure to your new device. 

Moreover, you can ask someone whom you know is good when it comes to devices and technology. Your expert friends can show you and teach you the new features of your phone. You will eventually learn how to use its features. Everything can be learned with proper guidance and support. The same principles apply when you’re switching to a new CPA firm. You can count on better performance and outcomes that boost your business

Lessen the Burden of Changing to a Different CPA Firm

Going out of your comfort zone will never be easy, but if you are given the support and guidance you need, you will get through it. You should remember not to let change instill anxiety in you but it should provide you with liberation. 

Remember the following tips to help and lessen the burden you are feeling:

l Do not feel bad about switching to another firm or service provider. It’s them, not you. If their services are no longer of good quality, it’s best to look for another firm offering accounting services in the Philippines. Would you keep returning to a restaurant that sells bad food or a restaurant that keeps you waiting for ages? You wouldn’t, right? You should do the same when it comes to CPAs and service providers. 

l When you communicate with your current firm, answer honestly. Be ready with your answers and clearly explain why you have decided to switch to another service provider. Be clear and honest so they can realize where they may have fallen short and learn from it.

l Seek information to proceed with the move. Most CPAs are very cautious when sharing client information regardless of whether you are their client or not. You will have to ask your previous provider about their preferences regarding a request for information or release of information to the new CPA. 

l Gather and meet up with the new team. It’s best to meet each other personally. Request to meet your new CPA team members. You can meet them at your office or go out for lunch. You must meet and know the new CPA Team that will be working and assisting you.

Never Settle for Mediocre Service

Never settle for mediocre accounting, tax, and audit services in the Philippines. This isn’t good for your business and could make you lose money. You’ll be working with inaccurate financial statements that could adversely impact your business decisions. Moreover, you may have issues with tax compliance and face penalties from the BIR. If you see that your current team is not doing its job well or not giving you the quality services you need, it’s best to switch to and look for a new CPA team.

The process of making the big switch is not easy, and it can be intimidating. However, it will definitely be a change you never knew you needed. You will greatly benefit from this transition. It is for the better. If you need assistance and guidance regarding this matter, our team can help you with the decision and process. We offer one of the most reliable accounting services in Pasig. Take advantage of our free consultation.