Enhanced BIR Chatbot for RDO Inquires & Other Concerns

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Last June 2021, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) launched an innovative 24/7 chatbot application called REVIE. This secure platform was designed to provide taxpayers and other stakeholders with information to frequently asked questions. This includes finding out about revenue district offices (RDO) codes, verifying tax identification numbers (TIN), making inquiries on deadlines, and more. Live agents are on standby to provide answers and clarifications to concerns. It’s a free service for the benefit of PH citizens and residents.

Today, almost a year after its launch, REVIE is stronger than ever. There are shortened waiting times for each inquiry with real BIR agents providing immediate feedback to address any concerns. Taxpayers are very happy with this convenient service because they no longer have to go directly to the BIR RDO and line up. Tax services in Manila emphasize that leveraging technology saves resources and minimizes frustration. 

Apart from a TIN verifier and RDO finder which ascertains your unique code, the cutting-edge online REVIE platform serves as an eComplaint facility. Taxpayers can now lodge formal complaints against establishments electronically and keep businesses accountable. Tax and audit services in the Philippines point out that this may include issues like tax evasion, non-issuance of receipts or invoices, use of unverified POS machines, and other tax violations. The BIR encourages consumers to report errant facilities to redress their grievances efficiently and effectively. 

Moreover, taxpayers can use the REVIE chatbot to find information on tax deadlines, view revenue issuances, and find out about zonal values. Other enhanced features include downloading BIR Forms and using BIR’s other eServices like the Electronic Filing and Payment System (EFPS) or Online Registration and Update System (ORUS). Thanks to this chatbot, everything is easily accessible with a flick of a finger.  

Thanks to the REVIE platform, all BIR information is located in one secure channel. This significantly reduces the customers’ waiting time in all channels may it be via chat, phone, or email. This secure service is handled by Oracle, so taxpayers can use it with peace of mind because the IT team remains vigilant in warding off cyber threats. With this comprehensive service solution, the government can deliver consistent interactions and provide a high response rate.  

This BIR chatbot system is laudable because it shares similarities with the tax chatbox of Australia. Small improvements like this indicate that the government is doing its job to ensure the citizens are given the much-needed services they are entitled to. Hence, those who have issues will benefit from checking out the REVIE chat.

For instance, if you need assistance in finding or confirming your RDO Code, which is the three digit code used to identify taxpayers, this chatbot could help. After getting the right code, you can contact professionals like our team for assistance. You can contact us for BIR registration, including transferring to a new RDO if you shift to a new address. 

We can also help with tax compliance because we’ve been assisting both domestic and foreign companies and individuals in making sure they pay all the right tax dues and stay compliant with reporting requirements. Our team can also provide tax planning to help minimize tax dues legally. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our accounting services in Pasig.

For more information, our website is a trusted source for comprehensive information on accounting and tax-related matters. Please note that we provide valuable resources and insights, and currently do not process any RDO requests. Our aim is to empower you with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of accounting and taxation.