How to Find Out Your BIR RDO Code

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Are you looking for your RDO Code? This acronym equates to Revenue District Office and the code stands for a specific location. The RDO is a sector under the Bureau of Internal Revenue or BIR which keeps records of taxpayers who fall under their jurisdiction. The RDO is in charge of performing many tax-related services like processing TINs, issuing business registration certificates, and more. 

Although you will find more than a hundred RDOs in the country, every individual taxpayer is assigned to only one RDO and given the corresponding RDO Code. Unfortunately, the BIR records are not online or centralized. Thus, each specific RDO keeps documents pertaining to registered taxpayers in their area. If you’re not sure what’s you’re RDO Code, you can seek help from tax and accounting services in the Philippines

For this reason, you can only transact with the RDO where you are registered. Typically, you will register near your address (for employees) or place of business. Find out more about this subject below so you can file the correct returns to the right office and avoid any issues. 

What the RDO Code Stands For

You can readily spot an RDO code because it is a three-digit alphanumeric or numeric tag assigned to each RDO in the Philippines. The BIR implemented a coding system to track the amount of tax collection in a particular district. They also do the following: 

  • Record and process tax returns
  • Accept tax payments
  • Receive withholding taxes
  • Perform tax audits
  • Conduct business registration

These codes are vital because you must fill this out when processing your taxes. You must present this for every transaction you make with the BIR. 

3 Ways to Verify Your RDO Code

If you have a TIN but aren’t sure what your RDO Code is, you can seek help from tax services in Manila. You can also verify or retrieve your code using these three methods: 

1. Check BIR Forms

You can verify your RDO Code by checking existing records. You will usually find this information on the following forms:

  • BIR Form 1901 for self-employed
  • BIR Form 1902 for new employees (you can find it with your HR)
  • BIR Form 1903 for corporate
  • BIR Form 1904 for one-time taxpayers and people registered under executive order 98
  • BIR Form 1905 for registration, update of information, or RDO transfer 

Once you see any of these documents, you can find the RDO code in the upper right corner. 

2. Get in Touch Via BIR Hotline Numbers

Another method you can use to find your RDO Code is by getting in touch with the customer assistance division of the BIR. Due to security protocols, you cannot access this information via email but only through a phone call. When you call the BIR hotline, prepare to give the following information: 

  • Full name
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Birthday
  • Mother’s full maiden name
  • Other personal details to verify the veracity of your identity

These are the BIR Hotline Numbers:

  • 8981-7003
  • 8538-3200
  • 8981-7020
  • 8981-7030
  • 8981-7040
  • 8981-7478
  • 8981-7479
  • 8981-7419
  • 8981-7046
  • 8981-7452

3. Visit the RDO Near You

Method number three may not be the most convenient because it requires going to the nearest RDO near your home or office. However, it is a surefire way to get the right info that you need. It can be cumbersome to call the hotline and toll fees may apply for provincial inquiries. 

To jump-start this process, go to the RDO and ask for a TIN Verification Slip. Fill it out with your full name (maiden name if you’re married), birthday, and address. From there, present the accomplished slip to an officer. After checking records, you will be called and given the slip with a stamp on it. This shall indicate the following: 

  • Your TIN
  • RDO Code
  • RDO Location

If you don’t have time to do this yourself, you can seek tax and audit services in the Philippines. Be sure to work with a reputable firm. 

Current List of Updated RDO Codes in the Country

Again, the RDO Code is the specific district in a region where you are a registered taxpayer. For instance, if you conduct business in Quezon City, you must know which specific RDO to file because there are many in QC. Likewise, if you are an employee who transfers to another office or place, you must also transfer to the new RDO with the proper jurisdiction. 

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