2021 Employee Engagement Activities

In UNA, we understand that we will not be where we are now if not for our valuable team members. In return, we want our employees to have a chance to express themselves freely thru our Employee Engagement Activities!   

We make sure Friday night is fun night for our employees! not only do we give fun and exciting activities, but it is a time for each of our employees to collaborate more and gain recognitions with their extraordinary talents!  

June EE: #UNAPhysicalWellnessMonth 

During the pandemic, it is even more important for us to be physically active and fit! Thus, we would like to acknowledge our team for actively participating in the following Physical Wellness Month Challenge: 


Thank you once again to our UNAwesome team and Congratulations to all those who won the challenges!  

We would also like to thank our PACERS, Roger John Drapiza, Paul Gayares, Joedemar Latoza Cuello and Russel Arcega for guiding our team to stay focused!  

August – September EE: Emotional Wellness Month 

This pandemic hasn’t been easy for all of us, which sometimes affects our emotional state. With that, as part of UNA’s Employee Engagement Month, we are so glad that our team got to take the time to participate in our, Emotional Wellness: Share & Tell Your Story Activity!  

It was such a fun activity for the team of UNA to just take the time to unwind and cope up with one another during these difficult times. Thank you so much to all employees who shared thoughtful and inspiring stories. It may be just a simple activity, but it was surely a memorable one!  


Despite the heaviness of the last few months due to the lockdown, still, we find ways to stay connected with our co-employees virtually!  

Thus, our Employee Engagement theme this September is all about Mental Health! and in UNA, our employees’ health is our top priority.  We want to make each and everyone feel relieved and relaxed after a week of work. Other than, telling them how much we appreciate them by sending them sweet treats, we also held an Art Therapy Activity!  

Art Therapy is a technique rooted in the idea that creative expression can foster healing and mental well-being. Thus, having this type of activity gave each employee a momentum to just relax, have fun and express themselves in their way thru Art.  

So, thank you to our ever-growing UNA Team for actively participating in this small event and releasing the creativity within you.  

We experienced a series of Lockdown’s during the 2021 pandemic. Where in, we had to take part in a WFH arrangement. But despite the pandemic, our employees continuously worked hard! as a token of appreciation, we sent them a #UNAppreciates box of goodies! to let our employees feel that even though we aren’t all together, we truly appreciate all their hard work and dedication!  


November EE: Me, Myself, and I – Self Growth Month!  

Since it’s almost the end of the year, we want our employees to take the time to de-stress and manifest by creating their very own vision board! Remember, if you think positively about it, it will come.  

And At UNA, we always look forward to our employees’ growth by promoting a positive environment where they can freely express their selves and help them achieve their goals.