UNA@7: Growing Stronger, Growing Deeper, Reaching Higher – 7 years of excellence.

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Year 2018 marks UNA’s seven years of existence, strength and excellence. Seven years of delivering excellent client service and celebrating the Firm’s people and values. Year 2018 was a year of another milestone.

The simple celebration started with a solemn prayer to thank the Lord Almighty for the Firm’s continued success led by one of UNA’s promising associate Florence Ancheta.

Managing partner Hazel Nicolasora welcomed everyone to the celebration, commending the staff for another year of exceptional service. She also acknowledged that UNA’s longevity and success rest on its people. Her message highlighted the event by giving honor and appreciation to those most senior employees and associates. Indeed, the greatest asset of every company is its people.

UNA’s three managers – Gelenie Diaz, Reyward Arce and Arthur Isla also shared short messages and thoughts for the event.

The program continued with a short quiz prepared by Special Events Committee regarding UNA’s profile and background. The celebration concluded by filling everyone’s tummy with a variety of food, cakes, cold desserts and drinks.

As UNA enters its eight year, may we anticipate more milestones and more achievements as the Firm pursues its purpose “An Asset to your Success”.

Happy Anniversary UNA!