Team Building 2017

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“Work together and achieve more”…

That was the theme for UNA’s 2017 Team Building held last June 10-11 at Clearwater Resort & Country Club, Clark Freeport, Angeles Pampanga.

It was a two day event full of activities and bonding moments. First day was an activity filled day. We are split into 3 teams; Red, Blue, and Green. The activities ranged from light but mind boggling activities to the physical ones that even made us roll on the sand.

At the end of the day, the Green team became the overall champion. But everyone was happy because we know we all did our best.

After the activity filled day comes the bonding moment where we had food, drinks and fun games at the dining hall.

The next day, everyone had the chance to do all the activities they want; we went swimming, played games, took pictures, and bonded even more.

As the event ended, all of us have an added memory to treasure. And we know, as a family, UNA have already achieved this much, BUT we know there’s still more to come, and we know we’ll make it by working together.

True enough, we’ll work together and we’ll achieve more.