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Allow our team to process your company’s payroll calculations to ensure you’re giving your team the proper remuneration for services rendered. Apart from standard payroll, we compute

  • Bonuses and Incentives
  • Generate payslips
  • Do leave management
  • Process payroll tax statements, and more.

With our expert help, you have documentary evidence of correct payroll computations. Apart from serving as proof for any claims with the labor commission, correct payroll equates to better productivity because employees can see that their hard work is valued. 

We process everything related to giving your workers the correct wages. Our team computes overtime pay, night differential, holiday pay, 13th-month pay, and more.

With a well-managed payroll system, you can keep better track of your finances while reducing errors and providing employees with accurate information about their compensation.

When employees perform well, they do invaluable work for your company’s growth. Bonuses and incentives go a long way in making them feel appreciated. However, giving these gifts need proper documentation, especially with the BIR. Work bonuses, incentives, fringe benefits, de minimis benefits, and the like have corresponding rules, some of which may have corresponding taxes. Make sure you’re not remiss in fulfilling your tax obligations when giving benefits by seeking assistance from our team. 

Do you want your employee payslips to be printed and mailed like the traditional method, or do you prefer online access or a combination of both? No matter what option you choose, it’s important to provide your employee with payslips so they can formally see how they are paid, what the deductions are, and how much you pay them for a specific time frame. A payslip is a legal document you can use as evidence for any potential claim cases. The payslip confirms you’ve upheld your contract and given your worker compensation.

Our team can help you monitor and manage statutory compliance requirements for all your employees. It can be cumbersome to go to each government office and pay your part in your employee’s government contributions.

Offload your stress to us! We can pay for your team’s SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-Ibig, and HDMF contributions on time. Avoid late fees and potential penalties with expert assistance. 

Leave administration can be burdensome if you don’t know what you’re doing. Without proper documentation, it can leave you with staffing issues. Our team can help you handle vacation requests, sick leaves, sudden leave requests, and more. We record, manage, and track each of your employee’s requests for time off, as this impacts their payroll.

With our assistance, you can be objective and impartial about leave requests. More importantly, you can ensure that employee absences don’t impact your business adversely 

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