Requirements for Application of Work Permits in the PH

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In recent years, the Philippines has been a destination for both travel and expanded business opportunities. With its great climate, friendly communities, English speaking residents, and emerging economy with incentives, there is no doubt why many foreigners chose to work in this tropical haven as an expat employee or a company boss setting up a regional headquarter

If you are interested in moving to the Philippines to take on work abroad, it is entirely possible! All you need to note is that there are certain requirements to legally work in the country. For one, expert accounting services in Manila say that you will need the necessary work permits not only to find employment but also as a document needed in processing your papers as a legal alien. 

Below is everything you need to know about securing the correct work permits in the Philippines, from the different kinds of permits down to applying and processing one. Bear in mind that compliance is crucial to prevent future problems with the immigration department or consular affairs of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The Different Types of Work Permits

According to accounting services in the Philippines who process these permits, ALL foreign employees working in the Philippines are required to secure a working permit and work visa. Noteworthy, the work permits are required before you can secure your work visas. The following are types of work permits that are accepted in the country and that cater to different forms of employment:

1. Alien Employment Permit (AEP)

This type of work permit applies to foreigners seeking long-term employment in the Philippines. Its validity lasts from one to five years and is dependent upon the employment contract of the applicant. It is also renewable for maximum addition of five years for each renewal.

2. Special Work Permit (SWP)

This type of permit applies to those seeking to engage in short-term work in the Philippines, with a duration of up to six months without the need to change their tourist status. A local business must willingly stand in as a petitioner for the holder.

3. Provisional Work Permit (PWP)

This third type of permit is used for foreigners seeking to work in the Philippines while their work visa application is still in progress. It is often given to those with a Temporary Visitor Visa and can be extended until a work visa is approved.

For best results, seek professional help and guidance to make sure you submit the correct documents and fill out the proper forms. You can seek assistance from a firm specializing in tax and audit services in the Philippines to secure what you need and start working in no time.

How to Apply for a Permit

The most common type of work visa granted to foreigners seeking work in the Philippines is the 9(g) visa. Eligibility requires that the company in the host country stands in as petitioner for the visa. For this, you will need to obtain the Alien Employment Permit (AEP) to work as a non-tourist. Here is how you can do it:

1. Secure and complete the AEP application form, which is available on the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) web portal.

2. Secure an original copy of the notarized employment contract and other related documents

a) Job description, annual salary, benefits, etc.

3. Photocopy of the employee’s business permit

a) For PEZA-Registered and CEZA-Registered companies, original copies of the following must be presented

i. PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authority) Registration 

ii. Ecozone Authority

b) If working under a construction company, an original copy of the following must be secured

i. DO 18-A registration

ii. Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) License

4. Two copies of a 2×2 ID picture in formal wear and with white background

5. Proof of Taxpayer’s identification number (TIN)

6. Authorization letter from the company where the foreign national works along with a photocopy of Valid IDs. 

The aforementioned required documents must be personally filed or done through the petitioning employer at the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) regional office accompanying the application fee amounting to P 9,000. If you are assigned to work at branches or subsidiaries, it is best to file your application at the nearest field office.

If you are urged by your employer to work before your permit or 9(g) visa is processed, you can apply for the Provisional Work Permit (PWP), which enables you to legally work while your documents are still being processed. 

Work with a Professional

Since there are many documentary requirements, it would be best to work with a team providing stellar tax and accounting services in the Philippines. They can help you with the entire process from collating the correct documents to filling out the proper forms. Get in touch with us as we are a one-stop shop offering accounting services in Pasig for both local and domestic clients.