Powerful Presentation Skills!

Date: August 13, 2021 

This August, our team took part in 2 amazing sessions of the Powerful Presentation Skills Seminar held by, UNA’s Senior Associate, Gelenie Diaz!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills as a powerful presenter and for helping everyone overcome the challenges when it comes to presenting. 

The purpose of this seminar is to help each employee hone valuable skills while presenting by starting and ending with an impact! and here in UNA, we are always open to new ideas and learning new ways of doing things to grow.  

With that, we would also like to acknowledge Regi Asuncion, Joedemar Cuello, Russel Arcega and Diane Aspuria for actively participating in the 7 – minute presentation activity. Your efforts in applying what you’ve learned by presenting are well-deserved as a Powerful Presenter!  

Congratulations and Thank you to all employees for participating in this seminar. We will always look forward to great opportunities and success in your growth!