BIR RMC No. 31-2024

RMC No. 31 – 2024: Clarification on TIN Verification Being Required by Employers from Newly-Hired Employees

The Bureau of Internal Revenue released Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC) No. 31-2024 which states the clarification TIN Verification being required by Employers from Newly-Hired Employees  

📌 This circular is issued to advise all employers that the BIR does not require newly-hired employees to verify their TIN number and get a TIN verification slip from the RDO.  

📌 All RDOs shall not accept request for manual TIN verification or issue TIN verification slip for employment purposes, except for the following cases:  

1. The online TIN verification facility is not available or there is a prompt message that the user needs to visit the RDO 

2. There is a need for BIR personnel to verify the correctness of the taxpayer registration information  

3. The taxpayer has an existing TIN or record  

4. Possession of multiple of identical TINs 

📌 All employers are advised to use BIR’s Online TIN Verification facility of ORUS accessible at or BIR chatbot Revie, to verify the validity and correct ownership of the TIN of their newly-hired employees. 

See below:

BIR RMC No. 31-2024

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