Interview Tips So You Can Best Prepare for this Career

As you prepare for your job application, you need to be ready to face written examinations to prove your mastery of accounting principles. Most entry-level positions start with a written…

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Usual Career Paths for Accountants/Bookkeepers

To fully grasp what kind of career paths you can pursue with an accounting degree, you must first know what duties are expected of an accountant. An accountant is a…

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2022 Post Audit Celebration

Audit season. The busiest season for accountants. where they find themselves working around the clock. Yes, sleepless nights, multiple deadlines, endless requests to clients for certain documents, and the struggle to…

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2021 Employee Engagement Activities

In UNA, we understand that we will not be where we are now if not for our valuable team members. In return, we want our employees to have a chance…

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UNA Alive! Leadership Program! 

Date: August 18, 2022  Here at UNA, the fun and learning never stop! Thus, we proudly present one of the fun-nest programs our team participated in, the UNA ALIVE! Leadership…

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Powerful Presentation Skills!

Date: August 13, 2021  This August, our team took part in 2 amazing sessions of the Powerful Presentation Skills Seminar held by, UNA's Senior Associate, Gelenie Diaz!  Thank you for…

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